Yes You Can Find a Condo for Less Than $600K

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A few days ago I sent out an email announcing that there would be at least five condos coming on the market priced under $600,000 in Arlington, Cambridge & Somerville. Well I am happy to say there are a lot more than 5 that have come on. As of 4 PM on July 13, 2016, Arlington, Cambridge & Somerville have:

·         123 Condos for sale

·         43 Condos are priced under $600K

o   Average price $479,079

o   11 are new listings

§  Average price for new listings $420,364

I expect the numbers to change between now and Friday.

Here are some thoughts and ideas:

·         There are properties for first time buyers despite what you’ve heard in the news

·         Some are not over the moon expensive

·         You may need to look beyond your dream neighborhood

o   Consider that East Arlington is less expensive than North Cambridge

o   North Cambridge is less expensive than Harvard Square

o   West Somerville is less expensive than Davis Square

o   We are talking about a few blocks of geography

What you can do:

·         Look at the attached spreadsheet

·         Ask me any questions you may have about a property--I can get you answers

o   If you want the detailed listing, ask me

·         Get out and look at some of these properties

·         Better yet give me a call and we will do our own property tour


Have a great weekend.

Stay cool. Stay hydrated.

Take care,