North Cambridge & Teele Square Real Estate Markets

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Here is some information about the average price of single family and condos in my neighborhood.  This includes North Cambridge and the Teele Square in Somerville.

Some thoughts:

  • It is a seller’s market
  • Most properties are selling above asking
  • Most properties sell quickly

For buyers you need to be prepared to make a clean offer:

  • Are you comfortable waiving the -
    • Financing contingency
      • If you are comfortable, and you are getting a mortgage be sure to include language in your offer that you will be getting financing and need tohave the property appraised
    • Home inspection Contingency
      • Consider doing the inspection prior to making an offer

Without a pre-approval your offer will be rejected.

  • Need help? Give me a call and I will put you in touch with some lenders.

Here are the numbers:


Note: The number of single families is very small and the average can be easily skewed by one sale.

Want the complete spreadsheets? Get in touch and I will send them to you.